IAA sells repairable vehicles in auctions across the United States.

Final Price Estimator
Purchase price at auction: ₦ 920,000
Auction Fees: ₦ 234,600
Brokerage Fee: ₦ 138,000
Customs and Clearing (50% from purchase price at auction): ₦ 644,000
Management Fee: ₦ 46,000
VAT (Value-added tax): ₦ 14,030
FINAL COST ₦ 1,996,630
* Shipping quotes and tariffs are relevant at the time of calculation and may be adjusted if necessary by tariffs or shippers.
Our Services
Bid on and Buy IAA Vehicles
With us, you have access to all IAA Vehicles in the United States: cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs and more!
We’ll take care of clearing your vehicle through Customs, so you can relax until your vehicle arrives.
Dedicated Customer Support
Our Customer Support team is on-call to answer any questions you may have, from registration to bidding, to the safe delivery of your vehicle.
Yard to Door Delivery
From the auction yard directly to you, we deliver vehicles to our customers to local destinations where we operate.
Vehicle Repairs and Services
We take care of vehicle services and repairs to increase the lifespan of your purchase. With comprehensive and reliable care, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be delivered in the best possible condition.
Sales Assistance
With over 2,000 retail locations through Nigeria and other African countries, we can help you sell your imported vehicles, new or used.
Shipping Information
7-10 DAYS
Delivery to Warehouse Delivery time from the auction yard to the export warehouse takes 7-10 days depending on route. When your vehicle arrives at the warehouse, additional photos of the vehicle will be taken and uploaded to your account within 2 or 3 days.
13-18 DAYS
Loading It will take 13-18 days from the time your vehicle is delivered to the export warehouse to loading it on the vessel. If you’re shipping with RORO, your vehicle will be taken directly from the auction yard to the vessel for loading in about 5 days. We will work with customs to clear your vehicle for export, book shipping, load, and onboard the container onto the shipping vessel. Once completed you will be notified by email and your account updated.
16-45 DAYS
Sailing Once your vehicle is loaded on the shipping vessel, we will provide a container or booking number to track your shipment. We will also update your account with estimated times of departure and arrival at the destination port. Keep in mind, the carrier does not provide full insurance for your vehicle when shipping overseas. Contact us to purchase insurance for your vehicle during international shipping. Sailing time varies by U.S. port of departure:
  • 16 - 20 days from New Jersey and Savannah
  • 40 - 45 days from Los Angeles